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The journey to success begins now. I want to walk with you aid in the work you are meant to achieve. Together growth is multiplied exponentially. Lets make your dreams your reality .


In order to develop the mind you must develop the body. Your body is your minds weapon.


We are what we eat. Our bodies performance is connected to our eating habits. food is fuel for the machine we call our body.


Finance management key to success. One of the greatest quotes I've have for you is "Anything you mismanage will be lost management is the proof that you are ready for more

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Lequint Johnson Sr

MBA President/CEO of PHDNMELLC Lequint had currently served 13 years as a Motor Transport Operator, Recruiter, and Foreman for the United States Army. He has earned his Associates degree in Business Administration and Marketing from Florence Darlington Technical College, he completed is Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration at Limestone University, and he completed his Master’s Degree in Business Administration at Limestone University. He is a certified Life Coach as well as Certified Personal Trainer. He also has a certification in Massage Therapy which he plans to add to product list for his organization. His extensive knowledge and experience with finance has consistently enhanced the lives of his family members, friends, and the community around him. He is a published Author of the book “Define Your Goal, Define Your Purpose. Over the course of his life he has strived to be a mentor to others. The motto of his company stresses the phrase, “Make a difference, Leave a legacy.” This means that a person should always leave the world in a better way than they found.

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